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Exploring Holistic Self Care

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I am an Access BARS Facilitator and Reiki Level I practitioner.  She is also very familiar in EFT techniques and essential oils and her Holistic Health certification affords her a wide knowledge of many alternative modalities as well as techniques for self discovery.  Her focus is to educate beginners with workshops on what energy healing is and how simple stress management techniques can assist with self-care for more balance in life.  Her networking abilities allows her to be a natural resource for individuals as they begin their journey into the world of alternative modalities and what they have to offer in the way of a more balanced lifestyle.  Her natural teaching style helps open up space for individuals to explore many avenues available to them, so that they may discover what works best for their individual needs.  She also teaches Energy Profiling for self-discovery that is a fun and enjoyable way to explore what a person’s dominant energy type is, so they are able to recognize their natural tendencies and clear blocks and programming that no longer serves them.

Kerrie's Holistics is focused on providing many ways to explore stress reduction and personal development to assist in the process of finding the greatness of YOU and to begin creating the life you have always wanted.  What would that look like?

As an Access BARS Practitioner, I will help you discharge all the energies and programming that are no longer serving you and provide you with tools to increase your awareness for what is true for YOU, not the life that others would like you to live.

As an Access BARS Facilitator, I will teach you the Access BARS and clearings around your own limiting beliefs and show you how you can help others by becoming a certified practitioner.

if you are new to energy work, I offer workshops that will get you acquainted with your energetic body and easy techniques that you can practice daily to manage your energy for more effectiveness in your daily life as you heal the blocks that hold you back from stepping into the greatness that is you.